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Specialists in new, re-sale and property rentals within the Five-Star resorts of Portugal's Silver Coast.

If you are interested in investing in property and the finer things in life, such as excellent golf, spectacular beaches, and fine cuisine, look no farther than Portugal’s west coast.

Portugal Golf Holidays specializes in the sale of new, re-sale and property rental services within some of Portugal's finest resorts, but without the prices of the Algarve region.

In addition to finding the property to suit your budget and requirements, we will handle all the procedures and legal requirements associated with your purchase.

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To offer you a pleasant holidays, we take care of all the facilities for you.

From rental services to properties management. You only have to choose a place to stay and enjoy.

If you are interested in have your vacations in Portugal together with in the some of the finer things in life like excellent golf & Tennis, spectacular beaches, fine cuisine but without the Alagarve prices, look no further ten the west coast where Portugal Golf Holidays specializes in the renting of properties within one of Portugal's finest resorts.

Portugal holidays - Popular with the British holidaymaker

Portugal, one of the smallest countries in Europe, is a charming friendly destination offering a wealth of options for the British holidaymaker. From family-friendly hotels along the glorious golden beaches of the Silver Coast, to quaint converted farmhouses in the lush green north of the country, holidays in Portugal offer something for everyone, and this beautiful country with its’ diverse landscapes is attracting more and more visitors every year.
Bordering Spain, and with the Atlantic Ocean lying to the west and south of the country, Portugal enjoys wonderful weather, with the mountainous north influenced by the Gulf Stream, and the south having a Mediterranean-like climate, with hot dry summers and pleasant winters.

Enjoy your Portugal holidays

Holidays in Portugal, much like China tours, can offer visitors a diverse range of activities, whether its’ taking advantage of some of the best golfing facilities in Europe in the Silver Coast, horseback riding through the verdant pastures of the countryside, or big-game fishing along the coast.
All manner of water sports are available, and tennis and cycling are great family activities to enjoy during your stay in Portugal. Whilst visiting Portugal, it is a delight to sample the food and drink of the country, from the freshly-caught sardines and locally made Red Wine, to the delicious pastries and famous rich-tasting port.

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If you are considering investment in a golf resort or beach resort holiday property on the Silver Coast of Portugal, be it an apartment, townhouse, small or luxury villa, we have a vast selection of properties for sale in the Praia d’El Rey Golf and Beach Resort, Óbidos, Portugal. Portugal Golf Holiday property sales and rentals is a fully-licensed Portuguese property agency that specializes in the resale of golf resort or beach resort holiday properties within the Praia d’El Rey Golf and Beach Resort, nearby golf resort and beach resort holiday property, and rural property elsewhere on the Silver Coast (Western Region) of Portugal. Our large client base has built us the best resale properties inventory on the Praia d’El Rey resort, and a number of unique investment opportunities in the Óbidos, Portugal area, both of which have a far better value than with Algarve property sales. a company dedicated to providing the highest level of service and advice to clients wishing to invest in Portuguese golf and beach holiday properties. With our total sales experience, we are able to advise you on every aspect of Portugal property sales. Portugal Golf Holiday is committed to assisting you in negotiating the property purchase process, once you have settled on your ideal home, and will in turn introduce you to a fluent English-speaking lawyer, who will handle all the paperwork intrinsic to the purchase of a property in Portugal. This process ensures that the legal guarantees for the purchase of your beach or golf property in Portugal are provided, Portuguese legal requirements are met, and the property is free of charges or debt. Please feel free to contact us for a consultation.